The Military College of South Carolina
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Tiers to Prevention

One of three tiers of prevention is used to determine the target audience within each functional area.

  • Universal Prevention
    Universal prevention targets ALL cadets and students in an effort to prevent or delay the misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
  • Selective Prevention
    Selective prevention targets CERTAIN GROUPS of cadets and students with known risk factors for the development of a substance use disorder (e.g., freshmen, athletes, honor students, students with low grades, victims of abuse and students with certain personality traits such as impulsivity, sensation seeking, extroversion, and emotionally reactive).
  • Indicated Prevention
    Indicated prevention targets SPECIFIC cadets and students who exhibit early signs of a substance use disorder (e.g., multiple AOD Policy violations, DUI, arrests or citations due to substance use, intentional or unintentional harm to self or others due to substance use).
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