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The Citadel and University of Charleston, SC Graduate School Joint Degree Programs

The Citadel Graduate College (CGC) offers four Master's degree programs jointly with The University of Charleston, SC Graduate School at the College of Charleston. A joint degree can broaden your network and opportunities. Taking courses in another school and working in different issue areas through internships or classes will bring you into contact with professors, classmates, and colleagues who have diverse life experiences and goals.

Your joint-degree education and expanded network may open new doors for your post-graduate plans. Combining a professional skill set and area specialization can help establish you as an expert in a niche, open new opportunities, and give you an edge professionally.

Joint Degree Programs

English, M.A.
History, M.A.
Joint Certificate Programs

Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate

Software Engineering Graduate Certificate




How do I apply to a joint program?

Students can apply to the joint programs through either The Citadel or The University of Charleston, SC Graduate School. You do not apply to both. Choosing your home institution is matter of choice as joint students enjoy the same privileges at both institutions.

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Can non-degree seeking students and undergrauduate students take Joint Program courses at the non-home institution?

No. You must be an accepted Joint Program degree seeking student in order to take a course at the non-home institution.

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I'm a Joint student and would like to take a course at the non-home institution. How do I register?

Courses are jointly listed at both institutions and joint degree seeking students are able to register and pay for all of their courses, including those being offered at the non-home institution, register and pay for all of their courses, including those being offered at the non-home institution, through their home institution's registration system. Students are later entered into the system at the non-home institution and registered for those courses by way of a series of multiple roster exchanges between the two institutions. These exchanges continue thorough Add/Drop for the semester.

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If my home institution is The Citadel, do I have access to resources such as the library at The College of Charleston?

Joint students have access to the Citadel's Daniel Library and well as The College of Charleston's Addlestone Library. They are able to utilize all of the services offered in both locations including Interlibrary Loan, computer access, and printing services. A campus id is required to access a majority of library resources.

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Will I have an email address and login credentials for both institutions?

University of Charleston, SC students will be issued a campus wide ID number (CWID), email address, username/user ID once they have taken their first Citadel course. Instructions can be found on The Citadel website. Citadel students are encouraged to contact the IT department at the College of Charleston to secure login credentials so that they may utilize campus resources, including wireless internet.

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Will I need a student ID for both institutions?

It is recommended that Joint Program students acquire an ID from both institutions. Citadel students can acquire a student ID through One Card Services and a College of Charleston student ID by visiting Cougar Card Services.

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Do I have an advisor at both institutions?

The management of the program is vested in a joint program committee composed of representatives of the departments at both institutions. This committee includes the director and the associate director (the latter two positions rotate between the two institutions). Your academic advisor will be a faculty member at your home institution.

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How do I view my grades?

Grades are posted on your home institution’s student records platform (Lesesne Gateway for Citadel students and MyCharleston for University of Charleston, SC students). Since each institution has their own calendars, students may experience a short delay in the posting of final grades from the joint institution.

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How is Financial Aid handled?

Financial aid will be handled by the student’s home institution.
The Citadel Graduate College:
University of Charleston, SC:

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How do I pay my bill?
You will pay your bill through your home institution’s online bill pay system.
The Citadel Graduate College: CGC "How to Pay Your Bill"
University of Charleston, SC: Treasurer's Office

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Where will my commencement ceremony be held?

You will participate in commencement exercises at your home institution.

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What will my diploma say as a Joint Student?

Diplomas and other documents will indicate that the program was a joint endeavor and will include the names of both institutions.

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From which institution do I order my transcript?

Transcripts must be ordered through your home institution.

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Are the academic calendars the same?

No. The Citadel and University of Charleston, SC have different academic calendars. Students should reference each institution's schedule for semester start dates, school holidays, etc.

CGC Calendar
CofC Calendar

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Do I need to pay for parking at both institutions?

You will need to follow parking procedures for the campus where you are taking a class.

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I have additional questions about The Citadel’s policies, where can I find this information?

Please visit The Citadel Graduate Colleges FAQ page.

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