The Military College of South Carolina
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**You can now add money to your OneCard, track spending, and view account balance online: One Card Login**

Note: Only cadets who have registered for classes in any term will have their Restricted Accounts activated.

What is the OneCard?

The Citadel's OneCard is the school's new multipurpose campus I.D. card that functions mainly as a campus debit card. It replaces all previous versions of Citadel I.D. cards. It is your official identification while you are at The Citadel. Falsifying, altering, or misusing your own or anyone else's OneCard in any way is strictly prohibited and illegal. It becomes void upon graduation, interruption of enrollment, or termination of employment.


There are two tracks on the One Card.

  • One is your 'Restricted' Account. Formerly known as the QM or Quartermaster Account, your Restricted Account is automatically loaded as a release from tuition. Your Restricted Account can be used to purchase books, school supplies, your original issue from the Cadet Store, uniform issue and haircuts. Once you have spent the Restricted Account for that semester, you will need to use the 'open' account on your One Card.
  • The 'Open' Account on the One Card can be loaded with additional funds for use at campus facilities. The Open Account is used mainly to purchase food, drinks, and other items that cannot be purchased on the Restricted Account. You can send a check to the 'One Card Office' or go online via CampusCenter and that amount will be loaded on your 'Open' Account.

What are the uses of the OneCard?

  • Use as official identification on campus
  • Purchase books, supplies, and memorabilia from The Citadel Bookstore
  • Purchase refreshments and convenience items from The Marketplace
  • Purchase food at the The Canteen, Starbucks, and Bond Cafe
  • Purchase drinks and snacks from select vending machines
  • Purchase uniforms and cadet needs at The Cadet Store
  • Purchase services at our Full Service Laundry & Dry Cleaning Facility
  • Purchase tailoring and embroidery services at The Tailor Shop
  • Purchase haircuts at the Barber Shop
  • Use as identification for Deas Hall (workout facility,gym,and pool)
  • Reserve and check out library materials in Daniel Library
  • Access to specific campus buildings, rooms, or labs
  • Gain Battalion Credit at various fine arts activities or Citadel sports events
  • Use as admission or discount to cultural and athletic events
  • Use as a discount card at local merchants requiring college identification

What does the OneCard look like?

Below are a few templates that denote your classification on campus. Each Card will have your 8-digit campus wide ID (CWID) underneath your picture.

OneCard for Cadets

OneCard for Graduate Students

OneCard for Faculty and Staff

Who needs a Citadel OneCard?

All faculty, staff, students (cadet, active duty, MECEP, non-degree, CGC, etc.), vendors, and volunteers/interns must have on-campus identification.

Where can you get a OneCard?

OneCards are issued by the One Card Office, located in 208 Richardson. For the summer, theOneCard office is open from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. M-Thu. During the regular school year, the OneCard office is open from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M-F. You can schedule an appointment by calling OneCard at 843-953-7000 or by emailing

Who can you contact if you have a problem with your OneCard?

If you have questions or concerns regarding funds or transactions associated with your OneCard, please contact our OneCard staff at, call 843-953-7000, or stop by 208 Richardson.

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