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Hispanic Heritage Month Program


Hispanic Heritage Month 2018

September 15-October 15

(And Dia de los Muertos)

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This Years Events

Hispanic Heritage Month Panel Discussion

Latin Art & Culture Expo

Dia de Los Muertos


 Hispanic Heritage Month Panel Discussion

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Latinos in American Society: Finding the Balance Between Integration and Identity

Immediately following the "Hurrication of 2018," The Citadel was proud to host our first annual panel discussion. Moderated by the Chaplain of the Corps of Cadets, Dr. Joe Molina, our panelists discussed a wide variety of topics in relation to the central theme of how Latinos can find the delicate balance between integration and identity.  Chaplain Gildardo Garcia (USAF) spoke on the topics of religion and community and the roles these all important facets play in the lives of Latino Americans.  Attorney Dana Fields, from the Fields Law Office, discussed legal matters such as immigration, gangs, racial tensions and paths to citizenship.  Dr. Angela Cozart, from the College of Charleston, discussed the importance of education in this process, and the role that culture plays in higher education, as well as her own personal experiences as a Latina growing up in a dual culture and how it influenced her in her education and her career as an educator.  The discussion was followed by an informative Q&A session.

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 Latin Art & Culture Expo

Saturday, October 6, 2018

 A Trip Around Latin America

The Citadel, in cooperation with the S.A.L.S.A. Club, the College of Charleston, Charleston Southern University and Trident Tech, was proud to present our first annual Latin Art and Culture Expo.  We had music, dancing, food trucks (the big draw!) and a presentation of "A Trip Around Latin America" by students from the participating colleges. We also had a traditional Latin American dress display as well as an art display by Palmetto Luna Arts. For our first year turnout we had 250-300 people come by and celebrate the art and culture of Latin America as part of our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Latino Art Display Presented by Palmetto Luna Arts, Inc

expo art 002   expo art 003  expo art 005

expo art 001


Music By DJ Luigi Bravo and Latin Groove of Charleston

expo dj 004  expo dj 002  expo dj 003

 Dancing led by Yaenette Dixon and Charleston Latin Dance

expo dancing 001  expo dancing 002  expo dancing 003

expo dancing 004  expo dancing 005  expo dancing 006

expo dancing 007  expo dancing 008  expo dancing 009

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Traditional Latin American Dress presented by the fine folks of the Hispanic Business Association of Charleston

expo desfile 002  expo desfile 003  expo desfile 004

expo desfile 005  expo desfile 006  expo desfile 007

expo desfile 007  expo desfile 009  expo desfile 010

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Delicious Food Presented by Sabor Cubarican Cuisine, El Pinchotaco, and Espettos on Wheels

expo food 006  expo food 003  expo food 002

expo food 001  expo food 005  expo food 007

The "Trip Around Latin America" presented by students of our participating colleges

expo tables 004 expo tables 003  expo tables 005

expo tables 007  expo tables 008  expo tables 009

expo tables 010  expo tables 011  expo tables 012

expo tables 013  expo tables 015  

And the Winners Are....

                 1st Place                                         2nd Place                                         3rd Place

expo winners 008  expo winners 007  expo winners 006

       Cadet Gabriela Johnson                        Cadet Lucas Miller                          Cadet Juan Valencia

     Cadet Evelyn Diaz-Garcia

                   Venezuela                                               Brazil                                           Colombia

expo winners 003  expo winners 004   expo winners 001

 And other great photos of the day...

expo tables 014  expo tables 017  expo tables 020

expo general 001  expo general 002  expo general 004

expo general 006  expo general 007  expo general 005

expo general 003

Thank you to our sponsors...

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Dia de los Muertos

October 29-November 2

Dia de los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Latin America during which we honor those of our loved ones who have passed on.  It is a solemn celebration of life and of death. While recognized throughout most of Latin America, it is most highly celebrated in Mexico and other parts of Central America.  The Citadel History Department, in cooperation with the Office of Multicultural and International Student Services and the S.A.L.S.A. Club, has marked this solemn occasion to celebrate a unique cultural experience. A traditional "Dia de los Muertos" altar was set up on display in Daniel Library and the Corps of Cadets and Faculty and Staff of The Citadel have been invited to put up pictures of their loved ones in order to memorialize them. It is said, that "no one is truly dead as long as they are remembered." 

day of the dead at the citadeldiadelosmuertos

dia de los muertos 001  dia de los muertos 002  dia de los muertos 003

dia de los muertos 004  dia de los muertos 006  dia de los muertos 007

dia de los muertos 012  dia de los muertos 011  dia de los muertos 013

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