The Military College of South Carolina
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Early Withdrawal (Discharge)

Students who wish to withdraw before the end of the current term may seek an official discharge from the Registrar's Office.

Students may receive a partial reduction of tuition and fees according to the length of attendance at The Citadel, which is based on the student's required reporting date and the official discharge date.  The Treasurer's Office will compute the student's pro-rata tuition and add to that any other actual fees and expenses incurred by the student in the quartermaster account or elsewhere on campus.   Refunds will be issued for amounts paid in excess of the final adjusted balance.

Students on Financial Aid
If a student was using financial aid to pay for tuition and fees and is dishcarged prior to 60% of the term's completion, financial aid will be adjusted.

Click here to view the latest Federal Tuition Assistance Refund Rate Table.

Timing of Refunds
The entire discharge process takes about 3 weeks and involves a number of campus departments.   If a freshman leaves early, the Treasurer will calculate a preliminary refund to facilitate the student's enrollment in another institution.

When all documentation regarding a student's expenses has been completed, the Treasurer will prepare a worksheet listing all items charged and paid on the student's account.  This will be mailed to the student with any refunds due.  If funds are due to the college, transcripts will be held until the balance is paid in full.

Click here to view the latest Early Withdrawal Student Refund Rate Table.

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